this week has been so strange at work. very little for me to do, and the rumors are flying about impending layoffs. on the plus side, i was able to start a story yesterday. whether i finish it or not remains occluded in the mists of procrastination.

here is a list of things i’m reading now:

- inflating a dog by eric kraft — i’m almost done with this one, and kinda sad about it. he is such a fluid, funny, fascinating writer.
- how to write a dirty story by susie bright. really hoping to get some inspiration in that area.
- the latest issue of bust.

here is a partial list of things i want to read:

- that fay weldon book about jane austen (then perhaps some actual jane austen).
- the three erotica anthologies (ok, one is actually a set of interconnected stories) that i brought home from san francisco.
- that article in the atlantic monthly.
- the current issue of punk planet, particularly the punk porn piece.  
- the current issue of bitch, which i guess has a rebuttal to the punk planet story.
- the botany of desire, which i forgot i had ’till i saw it on my bookshelf the other day. - brown sugar 2: great one night stands, edited by carol taylor.
- the rest of everything is illuminated (jonathan safran foer), because my boss loved it and now i feel guilty for not even finishing it.
- i, rhoda manning, go hunting with my daddy: and other stories by ellen gilchrist.

. . . and probably several others that i’m not remembering because i’m stuck here at work.

i am supposed to go see egyptian tombs and mummies tonight, but i may have to bail on my friends if they keep me at work late. ‘twould suck mightily, but then again, a low-key evening with a dvd and big ol’ glass of wine is not without its temptations.

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