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Oy vey

Published on 28 March 2003

My company, let’s call it “Alpha,” is holding a big 3-day offsite meeting chock full o’ training as we integrate the company we just bought (”Beta”) into our corporate maw. They’re flying everyone in North America here to Boston for the offsite. For some reason, though, they booked it during Passover. HR sent this email […]

Coco loco

Published on 22 March 2003

Happy freaking Saturday. Got 10 hours of sleep, got strong coffee in my new favorite mug, got breakfast (homemade bagel-egg-and-cheese, which got to be a bit messy as I was overambitious with the cheese) in my tummy, got sick of war news on NPR punctuated with the sad version of their theme song (thank you […]

In like a lion, out like a lion

Published on 21 March 2003

Ain’t nothin’ but a slack thing. Today’s been about as laid-back as they come. Or as mellow as things can be while there’s construction going on in the house adjacent to D’s. I seem to have frittered away today’s available sunny hours reading and puttering about online.
I had to take today as a vacation day […]

Intermittent claudication got me down

Published on 20 March 2003

My boss brought her son to the office, then went off to a meeting. He’s a very sweet, charming little boy, don’t get me wrong, but having a doughnut-amped 5-year-old running around my desk severely limits my productivity, even if the VP of marketing is entertaining him. Hence, this.
I’ve embodied slack lately in my blogduties. […]

Full-service firing squad

Published on 14 March 2003

It’s been a rather excruciating day, both because I have no, nada, zero, zip, zilchamundo work to do, and because today we had an uncomfortable pizza lunch with our counterparts in the company we just acquired. One woman put it well: “It’s like a blind date, with awkward silences and questions about your commute.” She […]