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Tripping the Sprite fantastic

Published on 24 April 2003

Another workweek is winding down. I’m pretty bummed that I won’t get to see D. again this weekend. Goddam spring-breakers sucking up the e-saver fares. Not a lot to look forward to, either, save for uninterrupted sleep ‘n’ slack. Oh, wait, I guess I’m going to see the Delgados tomorrow night with Teresa. Free ticket! […]

Antioxidantal plan

Published on 22 April 2003

I’ve uploaded a bunch of bloggishness from other, prior, dabbly sites today. It’s a little nerve-wracking: all that bad writing blurted up like so much acid reflux.
But this evening’s been the perfect time to do so. I escaped work early with my friend Rebecca to volunteer at a local food pantry. Talk about something that […]

Aioli for everyone

Published on 21 April 2003

I am so into roasted-garlic mayo on my lunchtime sammiches these days, it’s not even funny. It hasn’t completely vanquished honey-mustard as my condiment of choice, but the year is still young.
Today is Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts Commonwealth holiday that just happens to coincide every year with the Boston Marathon. (Boston pulls a trick, calling […]