Aioli for everyone

I am so into roasted-garlic mayo on my lunchtime sammiches these days, it’s not even funny. It hasn’t completely vanquished honey-mustard as my condiment of choice, but the year is still young.

Today is Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts Commonwealth holiday that just happens to coincide every year with the Boston Marathon. (Boston pulls a trick, calling St. Patrick’s Day “Evacuation Day” to honor the ouster of the Brits from Beantowne lo those many centuries ago.) Most people get the day off, but at my company it’s a floating holiday — you can take Patriot’s Day, MLK Day, or “the religious holiday of your choosing.” I already took off Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, which I’m bumming about now — it’s gorgeous outside. (Not that I’d probably care about the weather if I did have the day off, seeing as how I’d probably be napping or watching a movie right about now.)

The weekend was mostly dull and lonesome save for yesterday evening’s Easter soiree at T’s. D. was working his little heart out all weekend in DC, and T & K were off doing couply things most of the weekend. (To be fair, they invited me to drinks/dinner with them Friday evening, but I didn’t get the call until I’d slithered into my jammies and was just too goddamned tired to move, let alone socialize.) I didn’t do a massive spring cleaning like I’ve been threatening for months, but at least I got laundry and grocery shopping done.

I also bought a mandoline and used it to make a savory sweet potato gratin Saturday night (I was all excited to test it and had a single sweet potato hanging around) and a Gruyere-and-thyme spiked potatoes au gratin Sunday for T.’s potluck.

I broke up the chores and laundry by watching a couple of DVDs: “Autofocus” and “Scotland, PA.” Neither of which rocked my world, but which did in a pinch. In a burst of cineastic momentum, I also rented “Nashville” and “The Apartment,” totalling something like 5 hours of viewing time — I have no idea how I’m going to pull off watching both of them before they’re due back at the video store tomorrow, especially since tomorrow night T. & K. and I are going to see the Circulatory System (with The Sea and Cake, whom I’m indifferent toward).

I’m so tired I feel like I could nod off at any second, or get sick, or something. If Fucking Eroica (who has been perfectly pleasant ever since she moved into our pod) weren’t here, I’d scoot home faster than you can say Jimmy Smits.


  1. From Kate_Schurman on 04/21/03

    I’m notorious for renting too many movies at a time from the video store. I get to the movie place and I think about how nice it would be to see this and that and then I go to check out and realize that, while it would be nice to see the ten movies I’ve picked out, I have not yet mastered the ability to do so in one weekend without having to cut something else, like sleep, out of the schedule. And what is the point of a weekend if you can’t get some sleep, right?

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