Antioxidantal plan

I’ve uploaded a bunch of bloggishness from other, prior, dabbly sites today. It’s a little nerve-wracking: all that bad writing blurted up like so much acid reflux.

But this evening’s been the perfect time to do so. I escaped work early with my friend Rebecca to volunteer at a local food pantry. Talk about something that appeals to my anal-organizing sensibility! If my own home must remain a shambles, I’m proud to say that the food pantry’s space is ideally used, with labels facing out prettily, no less. Rebecca and I were so fast, we finished 45 minutes early. We asked Rand, the goateed hipster guy who was on duty today, if there was anything else to do — like, could we take the broken-down cardboard boxes that all the food came in out to the Dumpsters? — but he said, “No offense, but your clothes are too nice for that — it’s not such a nice area back there, and it’s pouring down rain.” I felt a little let-down — my clothes are actually kinda black-turtlenecky shabby, and by the time Rebecca and I had restocked the pantry room, I was a sweaty mess anyway. Well. Maybe next time I can do a bit more. Regardless, it was fun, and not just ‘cos I got out of work at 2:45. Rand was telling us how he used to work for a nonprofit educational company near my office, but that it was denied state funding for a couple of years and went under. He was really up-talking his job at the social services center where he works full-time now. Made me do an interior lunge, wishing that something I did for the old 9-5 was in some way useful to the world.

Now playing Calla’s Televise, which just gets better and better every time I hear it. You should go out and buy it, or order it online, right this very second. It’s that good. Trust me.

Just got a call on my celeryphone that I didn’t pick up fast enough to answer, meaning it’s surely one of my friends who’s also attending the Circulatory System/Sea + Cake show tonight and who wants to arrange dinner plans. But dolgangit if it isn’t just lovely to tappity-type away and not worry about going out in the monsoonishness.

[small hiatus]

Talked to my amazingly dear mom to wish her a hip-hop-happy birthday. She was glad to hear that: a) I’m no longer a vegetarian, and b) I’m planning on buying a house-type thing someday.

Otherwise, I’ve been very non-. I think the horripilations of work lately (new colleagues from the company my company has acquired, some of whom are not overly bright and/or persistently overbearing; my boss, who stormed into work today in one of her world-famous freestyle hotdoggin’ moods and proceeded to verbally decapitate people in meetings; and overall stress and unhappiness) combined with missing my sweetie D. and enduring rampant, distracting, unslakable horniness (p.s. it looks like I won’t see him this weekend either; I don’t think we’ve been apart three weeks in a row since like a year ago, and it sucks the hairy wazoo) have gotten me down in a bad way. To the point where I’m not sleeping reliably, and strolling the halls of my officeplace fuming “I hate I hate I hate my job these people my boss I hate I hate oh god I hate.” To the point where I’m researching gradski programs even though there’s no way in hell I could afford one in Boston. To the point where I make plans with my friends to see a show at a sit-down theatre venue — one I’ve been looking forward to for, oh, a month at least — and very, very seriously consider blowing it off entirely.

I grow old, I grow old, I shall wear the cuffs of my sweaters rolled. Or something like that.

– editrix has only 1g of fat per cup

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