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A Man Walks Into a Bar . . .

Published on 30 May 2003

T. and I got together after work last night for “a” drink at Orleans. I love that place, as yupscaled as it may be — mostly because when it’s warm, they open up all the windows just like they do in New Orleans, and the entire front part of the room is filled with these […]

Fan my dango

Published on 28 May 2003

Such a ca-ray-zee day. The department re-org was announced, leaving lots of people unhappy. Luckily, I’m not one of them — my new director sent a welcome email to Katie and me, which was just swell. Can’t imagine my current bossola doing that.
I’m feeling that weird internal tension that tends to occur right around quitting […]

Quality Is Job 1

Published on 27 May 2003

After conducting an extensive Google search for some commentary about the Ford Focus TV ads that have been running for the past few months — you know, the one where the girl gets a tattoo on her back of everyone’s favorite automobile — I can’t seem to find any mention of the fact that the […]