Quality Is Job 1

After conducting an extensive Google search for some commentary about the Ford Focus TV ads that have been running for the past few months — you know, the one where the girl gets a tattoo on her back of everyone’s favorite automobile — I can’t seem to find any mention of the fact that the ad changed after running for a few weeks. If you’re unfamiliar with the spot, it goes a little something like this.

(Dingy and disreputable interior of a tattoo parlor. A young woman is lying on her stomach, being inked on the small of her back by a snaggletoothed biker-type guy.)

Tattooist: “You know, you’re going to have to live with this forever.”
Girl: “I know!”
Tattooist: “This is the fifth one of these I’ve done this week.”
Girl, snottily: “Wouldn’t surprise me.”
Tattooist: “What’s yer boyfriend gonna say when he sees this?”
The girl rolls her eyes, shrugs, and exhales loudly to show her irritation with the person she’s paying to stick needles in her back.

(Cut to girl checking out her back in the bathroom mirror.) She squeals, “Well, whaddaya think?”

(Cut to close-up of her lower back, with a fakey-looking Ford Focus surrounded by tribal designs.)

In the original ads, he replies, eyes wide and a shit-eating grin spreading across his slacker face, “Ooh, Daddy likey!”

A few weeks into the campaign, Ford must have gotten some complaints about either the Daddy comment or the Charlie Chan-esqueness of it all, because the boyfriend suddenly began saying, in his best Ashton Kutcher voice, “Sweeeet!”

Not much else to relay.

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