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I eat algae! Ask me why.

Published on 27 June 2003

Today is yet another sick day. I woke up this morning feeling utterly wretched and highly mucotic, despite mainlining zinc and Vitamin C and sleeping as much as The Man will allow. Big accomplishments include taking a shower, taking out the trash, and doing two loads of laundry. I feel like doing something nice for […]

Pro-Am Iron Man Blogathlon

Published on 25 June 2003

It’s been a dog’s age since I updated, but I’m going to type as fast as I can for the next 26 minutes, when I can legally leave work for the day.
Why so mute, you ask? Well, dear friends, it all boils down to two simple words: apartment hunting. The the past two weeks, I’ve […]

Yes, we have no content!

Published on 13 June 2003

1) Well, this is turning out to be a shitty week. Not uncoincidentally, this is the week I’ve begun apartment-hunting in earnest: sifting through Web listings, making calls, checking online maps to make sure the places are in OK neighborhoods, scheduling appointments to see places. Last night I saw my first two apartments: a 3-bedroom […]

Update schmupdate

Published on 10 June 2003

On this bright and lovely day — the first we’ve had in more than a week and one of the few in months — I was greeted by one of the homeless men in my neighborhood, who croaked, “Miss, do you have, do you like oral sex?” He was lurching into my personal space, but […]

I hope the junkyard a few blocks from here someday burns down

Published on 6 June 2003

All evening I’ve been listening to records I didn’t give enough attention the first time around, particularly Sue and Joe’s excellent best of 2002 mix and the most recent record by the Mountain Goats, Tallahassee, whence comes one of my favorite musical couplets of 2003 so far:
I hope our few remaining friendsGive up on trying […]