I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

So I just realized that I have a couple of those JS coupon dealies to give away . . . too bad I can’t use it on my own account, which expires next Tuesday. I’ll be happy to trade ‘em with someone in the same predicament, however.

I need to hop in the shower soon — still have some packing to do before I head to the airport. I’m not feeling the hunky-doriest. I think I should have eaten dinner last night; strange thing is, I’m not hungry now, just collywobbled. Hope it passes before I get on the plane. I’ve yet to use one of those airsick bags and I want my record to remain unblemished.

Stranger still: I’m randy as blazes, even with the tummy upset. Gonna refrain from satisfying the urge, though, since it’s often fun to save up the sexual tension until I see D. Just hope I can refrain from molesting him while we’re road-tripping to NC with the band.

No interesting dreams that I can recall.

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