Packing-tape blues

This week I’ve finally started getting semi-serious about packing up my stuff in preps for the move, which starts this weekend but won’t be finished until the next time D. can bring his van up — mid-August, I’m hoping. It’s amazing how even the duh-simplest tasks, like packing CDs or organizing my files (and the mesas of paper that have gone unfiled for the past couple of years)can take hours and hours. I suppose it would help if my life were better organized, but even items like books that I’m pretty good at keeping neat take what seems like forever to pack up. I’m really glad to live so close to a liquor store where I can score free boxes.

So my evenings since I got back from Winston-Salem (more on that later) have been busy and tiring. I still have a ton of things to pack before D. gets here Saturday night, and I haven’t begun cleaning the new place. I’m sore tempted to take a personal day on Friday.

Oh, I am so tired, and I haven’t even mentioned last weekend.

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