Up, up and away

It’s not uncommon for me to have airport/-plane dreams before I’m about to travel, though usually they involve being late for my flight and packing in a whirlwind and driving at breakneck speed to catch it. Two nights ago, however, I had a dream that I was in an airport on my way to Canada. The airline representative at the desk told me that I’d be flying on a leather airplane. This made me nervous, as I couldn’t imagine any leather being sturdy enough to withstand the force of such high speeds, and I worried that the stitching on the wings might loosen as we flew.

In other mundanities: I’m feeling pretty happy about how my story is coming along. It’s the first piece of fiction I’ve ever developed so much, and I’m eager to finish it. (It will help when I know how it should end.) Got some great feedback from my fella, which had me walking on air for a couple of days.

Other than tappity-tap-typing, I’ve been getting ready for the Let’s Active Tribute in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I fly to DC tomorrow, then the band and SOs pile into the Behemoth, a ginormous van that seats 8 comfortably for the un-air-conditioned trip down South. I’m half looking forward to this weekend, and half nervous — I’ll be meeting a lot of online friends for the first time, and I just am not feeling all that fabulous or ebullient lately. It will be amazing to see my boy play the CD release party, though. I only hope he kicks whatever incipient flulike thing is plaguing him, especially with a 6+-hour drive ahead.

It’s been a happy Slackday — my boss is on vacation for a week, so there’s no one to look at my computer screen. And I’m not all that busy for the first time in weeks. Or perhaps I’ve just convinced myself of that. Since I’m officially a B-player, and all.

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