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I’ll have a shot of seratonin. Better make that a double.

Published on 15 August 2003

Several nights of insomnia and all the stress that’s been looming at work has hit a very big fan today, as management is, in effect, waving its arms over its head and whingeing loudly. I have no patience for any of it, as something terrible has happened to my two closest friends. I’m sad, I’m […]

Firefly lives (sorta)

Published on 13 August 2003

Have you tried gnod? It reminds me of the old Firefly intellegent agent technology-slash-Web site-slash-community.

Mr. Word-Zak speaks blandly, so his ideas fade.

Published on 8 August 2003

Today’s title refers to the little sign on my desk, which I printed out from some long-forgotten Web site and stuck to a metal bookmark to keep it from getting mangled. It shows an ugly goblin with male pattern baldness and wearing a pink shirt. The word “BLAH!” issues from his open mouth.
I’m full and […]

Pay up at the phantom tollbooth

Published on 7 August 2003

By crikey, it’s been a dog’s age since I posted. That’s what happens when you move: all your tidy routines are blown asunder like so many bad guys in summertime action films. And I loves me some routines, just like Harriet the Spy with her tomato sandwiches and cake and milk.
It’s been a particularly vile […]