Mr. Word-Zak speaks blandly, so his ideas fade.

Today’s title refers to the little sign on my desk, which I printed out from some long-forgotten Web site and stuck to a metal bookmark to keep it from getting mangled. It shows an ugly goblin with male pattern baldness and wearing a pink shirt. The word “BLAH!” issues from his open mouth.

I’m full and sleepy after lunch today at Emma’s pizza, so if I lose my choo-choo of cognition, punch me, willya?

You can tell that the school year’s about to begin by the number of good shows coming up:

Sat. 16 August - Mary Timony, Dave Derby (ex-Dambuilders)
Sun. 24 August - Dexter Romweber (Ex-Flat Duo Jets)
Wed. 27 August - Deathray Davies
Wed. 3 Sept. - Guided! By! Voices!
Fri. 5 Sept. - Consonant
Sun. 7 Sept. - The Raveonettes
Mon. 8 Sept. - The Clientele, The Aislers Set
Thurs. 11 Sept. - The Ex, Erase Errata
Fri. 12 Sept. - Ted Leo + the Pharmacists, Rebecca Gates
Sat. 13 Sept. - Helicopter Helicopter
Sat. 27 Sept. - Mr. Airplane Man CD Release
Thurs. 9 Oct. - Calexico
Thurs. and Fri. 23-24 Oct. - Death Cab for Cutie

T. invited me over tonight for homemade curry. I offered to bring makings for raita and beer. Some socializing will surely help my glumness. I get edgy when I have to spend too many evenings alone.

Hmm, D. just emailed me to say that he got me a little present — something I want, though nothing romantical, says he. This is going to drive me crazy! In a good way.

Guess I should post this, seeing as how my boss is going to come back from her meeting any minute. At lunch Judi told us about some privacy filter you can press onto your laptop screen so no one standing behind you can see your screen. That would be perfect, since my manager sits behind me.

It’s fun to watch all the happy, jokey people leaving the conference room across from my pod in which our office masseur sets up shop each Friday afternoon. I’ve never ponied up the $15 for a quickie massage — there’s something unsettling about experiencing pleasure at work.

Bandages keep my arms and my legs from you,

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