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Hugo! The man of a thousand faces!

Published on 15 September 2003

A small fawn was running around the house. I read something that said Mimi Smartypants had trained her fawn to rub against the furniture by wrapping vintage neckties around her hand and rubbing the fawn’s jawline. For some reason, this was desirable dwarf-fawn behavior.
I’m caught in some large castle-house and I have to escape. It’s […]

We got spirit yes we do!

Published on 12 September 2003

I just made up a cheer:
Beef stew, lamb stew, veal stew, tripe!These are the foods that make me gripe!
This has been the shittiest day ever.

From deleted user on 09/16/03

here is my chant:
i like mustard,it’s better than custard,if i don’t get some,i get realy flustered.
sorry you had the shittiest day ever. better luck next time.

From editrix […]

Stinkin’ Lincoln, whatcha been drinkin’?

Published on 10 September 2003

Ye gods and little fishies, it’s been so long since I updated this thing, I’m afraid Journalspace won’t let me post this — put the virtual boot on my wheels, if you will.
Moving to a new apartment combined with the strangeness of sharing my space and schedule with a new person all swirled together with […]