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Pink bismuth and you — perfect together

Published on 29 February 2004

It’s not exactly been the fun, extroverted, smooch-laden weekend I’d planned. D. has some unpleasant stomach flu thing. I tried making my own fun last night with (the island of) Dr. Merlot; consequently, I feel acidic and only half-here this morning. Uh, I mean afternoon.
We’d planned to go see Sarah Vowell read at MIT this […]

Batchin’ it

Published on 27 February 2004

Oh glorious day off, how I love you. I slept nine hours, thought about getting up, and rolled over and dozed for another two. Lots of weird dreams; Paris Hilton had a walk-on in one, but I don’t remember much else about it now.
Confession: with D. out of town, I watched “My Big Fat Obnoxious […]

Red on the head, fire in the bed

Published on 25 February 2004

. . . or so they say.
Tonight’s the first night since, what — July? — that D. and I’ve been apart, and already I’m feeling antsy. It’s bad timing all ’round, since hormonally I’m probably at my every-5-weeks gotta-have-it apex. I tried to divert my thoughts with figuring out how to remove the little bit […]

Merkin, merkin, who’s got the merkin?

Published on 24 February 2004

Last night I made butternut squash-ginger soup for dinner. It’s very satisfying to come home from work and hack at 5-pound butternut squash with a chef’s knife, slamming it against the countertop when the going gets tough. And have I mentioned how much I like my little Braun hand blender? It truly is the shit. […]

Happy Quinquagesima Monday!

Published on 23 February 2004

I’m in an uncharacteristically good mood today — I must have gotten enough sleep over the weekend or something. We mostly watched Monty Python DVDs (and the enormously disappointing Gilliam film Jabberwocky) and relaxed. Still had furnace problems, though the repairdude said that it should be replaced this week. Hope D. doesn’t have to endure […]