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How’ya gonna keep em down on the farm now that they’re ron-pari?

Published on 29 March 2004

Another indolent weekend. Friday we watched “Wonderfalls” (my interest is ebbing with each episode). Saturday was productive in that we booked our trip to New Orleans at the end of May. (It was complimacated by D.’s wanting to attend the Tape Op conference for the first few days solo; I will join him once the […]

Nothing’s more boring than someone else’s dreams

Published on 24 March 2004

Eminently Skippable
Last night I dreamed that my brother — a pretty durned conservative optometrist living in the exurbs of Phoenix — was driving me around a ritzy Arizona town. We were on a curving road that followed a stone wall surrounding a Native American reservation. The road’s name was “Gardenhead Path,” and beautiful tiers of […]

Subway lore

Published on 19 March 2004

Sometimes it’s best not to listen to the iPod on the subway. True, you’re more likely to be harrassed by a fundamentalist nut wanting you to attend an informational meeting, and your odds of being blasted in the face by an alcholic’s halitosis as he interrogates you to find out if you dye your hair […]

Happy Evacuation Day!

Published on 17 March 2004

“What’s that?” you say as you hoist your Guinness or Shamrock Shake for another chug. “Sounds like a holiday for colonic therapists.” Unless you’re from the Boston area, you’re probably not hepped to this commemoration of the day the Revolutionary Army booted the Brits out of Boston. (Even though 26 March 1776 is the date […]

The S is for Supa, the U is for Unique

Published on 15 March 2004

Oh my am I tired — I seem to be getting D’s cold, and drowning the virus with gallons of pineapple-ginger and blackberry-sage tea has done squat. Kind of a shame, because I nearly made it through the entire winter without getting a cold or the flu. Damn my hubris anyway.
I spent my three-day weekend […]