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Doogie Hauser wants me, Lord I can’t go back there

Published on 29 April 2004

Writer’s Digest seems to know how I feel about this journalthing, though they don’t mention what you call something that fits all four categories.
There are four categories of clutter:
Things you do not use or love

Things that are untidy or disorganized

Too many things in too small a space

Anything unfinished.

I have tried all week to update this, […]

This is an announcement (without guitars)

Published on 22 April 2004

For you legions of subscribers to this thang via Notifylist, I’m cutting the cord. Fie on Notifylist, and a pox besides — it’s so deathly slow it’s not really worth it. (Plus I’m terrible at remembering to go to the N’list site and sending an update email.) If you still feel like subscribing, there’s a […]


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Magnet is running a contest to come up with pirate names for musicians and bands. Here’s my entry:
Ahoy Mateys of StateBikini KeelhaulBikini BarnakillL7 SeasThe Briny Deep PurpleVeruca Salty DogTim SwashbuckleyJeff Swashbuckley10 seaseaVanDyke Parrrrks!Ringo Starrrr!Mazzy Starrrr!The Carrrrrs!Gwarrrrr!Warrrrr!Harry Parrrrtch!Mouse on Marrrrs!Johnny Marrrr!John DarrrrrnielleLong John DarnielleSwab the BeckStarboards of CanadaThe WalktheplankaboutsDead Can Dance the HornpipeJustin ShivermetimberlakeThree Grog NightJefferson […]

I’m still standing

Published on 21 April 2004

Or more accurately, sitting on my hinder waiting for an IT guy to fix an application so I can do some boring jobstuff, write an email about it to some people who’ll test what I’ve done, and most importantly, go home. It’s not often that I’m the last person sitting in this room at the […]

Mairzy doats

Published on 20 April 2004

I haven’t been writing, and I’m not sure why. It certainly isn’t because I’ve been too busy. Had a mildly entertaining and somewhat productive 3-day weekend (I took Patriot’s Day off): we saw “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” I made up a newish pasta dish, we hung a curtain rod and curtains in the […]