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Almost made it worth it

Published on 28 May 2004

Last week I had my annual check-up, as I was bracing for the Pap part of it, my doctor — a grumpy Eastern European woman — held up the speculum and exclaimed, “My god, what do they think, I’m doing an exam on an elephant? I swear they just pick up the first one they […]

The final countdown

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Yippee! It’s my last day at work before vacation. It’s almost 4:30 and I’m pretty much caught up with all the catch-uppable stuff. My former (and decidedly evil) boss’s last day is today. (Plenty of Coronas and ice cream cake in the Training Room, everyone! Little sweating groups of IT and marketing people chatting nervously […]

Bird songs of the Paleozoic

Published on 26 May 2004

I should have a series of packages waiting for me at home in the next week or two: I kind went on a music-buying binge, spurred mostly by having seen Andrew Bird and the Magnetic Fields Saturday night at Berklee.
Bird’s performance was stunning — just him onstage juggling a violin, electric guitar, and glockenspiel […]

Con brio

Published on 19 May 2004

Yesterday, I took a break from the ordinary and helped conduct usability testing on my company’s Web site with two other colleagues. We drove down to Hartford, Conn., to watch a client complete (and in some cases, fail to complete) several tasks on the site. He was very nice to us, but extremely frustrated with […]

She’s no fun; she fell right over

Published on 17 May 2004

I’m starting to worry a little bit about the increasing frequency of ankle-wrenching falls. Last Thursday, I twisted my right ankle — the same one I’ve been injuring on a semi-regular basis since last spring. Yesterday I managed to walk wrong on my left ankle and took a spill on the sidewalk less than a […]