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Jim O’Rourke is following me

Published on 28 June 2004

Or so it would seem, having just bought the new Wilco and Sonic Youth records.
Since I neither went shopping for an SUV, saw “White Chicks,” nor attended a baby shower during the weekend, I had precious little to discuss with my coworkers this morning. I figured they wouldn’t care about my weekend’s high points: discovering […]


Published on 25 June 2004

I haven’t updated in some time because not much of interest has been going on. (And I’ve been extremely PMS-cranky, so there.) Let’s see . . . I devoured Stiff by former Salon columnist Mary Roach, with whom I once had a satisfying email exchange when I saluted her for exposing the fallacy that women […]

New work in progress

Published on 17 June 2004

My latest WIP is an umbilical cord hat for one of my pregnant coworker’s sex-unknown baby to be:

I’m using a super-soft cashmere-wool blend (Cashmerino). The roll-up brim is cream, and the main part of it will be in sage, on 16-inch No. 7 needles. I was a dope and forgot to buy No. 7 dpns […]

Bowling for dullards

Published on

Besides being Bloomsday, yesterday was my homegirl Teresa’s birthday. A whole big gang of us met up at Jose’s for margs and guac and carne asada and mole and such. (The placemats, which Teresa said must have been designed by the same company that makes those Chinese Zodiac ones, gave helpful translations for such foreign […]


Published on 14 June 2004

I suck. Definitely on a writing whatever-the-opposite-of-”jag”-would-be. Work is frustrating the bejabbers out of me: I don’t even have the energy to pretend like I don’t hate it. During one particularly disheartening meeting this morning, I did some math on my notes to see how long I could survive on my savings if I were […]