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Gee but it’s great to be back home

Published on 30 July 2004

As I indicated yesterday, we had a teriffic time in Maine. Any doubts about the fun-ness of hanging out in the boonies with 13 other adults and 2 children for 5 days dissipated by the time we decided which room to take (we went with the North Lodge, as did Kevin and Tomoko, which allowed […]

Welcome home. Now get to work.

Published on 29 July 2004

Not a lot of time to update, but Maine was da proverbial bomb. Even worth having to come back and catch up on email and various crappo isslues at work.
And hey, I’m in this week’s Black List. True, it shows just how misanthropic I can be when I put my back into it, but […]

If you’re a burglar, please don’t read this

Published on 23 July 2004

Pathetic Fallacy will be taking a much-needed break for a few days, as D. and I leave for America’s Vacationland (Maine) at Sunset Lodge with the Providence crowd (plus fellow Somervillians Ted and Teresa).
Most of this same crowd takes at least one group vacation a year, alternating Vermont locales, the Poconos, and Maine. I’ve […]

I’m all for a free press, but this is ridiculous

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I was offered no fewer than five free newspapers before I even boarded the train yesterday morning:

The Boston Herald — outside the dry cleaners on the corner of the street where I live. It can be mildly amusing for its rightist, sensational slant, but overall the quality of the journalism and endless T&A is too […]


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Big Happy Fun House made me laugh, laugh, and laugh.
Oh my, this is rich.