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Recipe time

Published on 31 August 2004

Last night, I had this insane craving for shepherd’s pie, so despite the supersaturatedly hot weather, I made up a recipe that D. and I could both enjoy. And really, wouldn’t the sheep be much more sanguine if they knew their keeper wasn’t lunching on one of their barnyard pals?
Vegematarian Shepherd’s Pie
The ammo
3 Idaho russet […]

Last chance for the white shoes

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Summer’s almost over! Yay!
I’ve been listening a lot to the pretty damned great SomaFM radio lately — the Indie Pop Rocks show. Sure, the DJ occasionally goes on Modest Mouse or Wrens jags (it’s probably more accurate that she puts a bunch of her favorite albums on shuffle), but I’m not someone who has a […]


Published on 28 August 2004

It’s been a quiet month on the home front, as our second-floor neighbors (the Wildebeests) moved out while we were on vacation in July. I’m a bit concerned about who the next set of upstairs tenants will be — despite the name, the Wildebeests were considerate and fairly quiet. My only complaint was how they’d […]

I am the subject. Goo goo ga joob.

Published on 27 August 2004

Because it’s Friday and I’m feeling unmotivated, here’s an interview I swiped from Mac (and copyedited just a bit). Oddly, for the first time, the canned random Subject that Journalspace prepopulated in this entry actually fits.

Your name spelled backwards.Yma.
Where were your parents born?My mom was born in Winchester, Indiana, and my dad was born in […]

Ars longa

Published on 26 August 2004

I can’t believe how lax I’ve been about writing this week. Truth be told, I’ve spent inordinate amounts of semi-free time mucking around trying to design an icon; the rest of my hours have been filled with actual work.
Tonight D.’s band is playing at the Kirkland, and I’m trying to mentally prepare for going out […]