Last chance for the white shoes

Summer’s almost over! Yay!

I’ve been listening a lot to the pretty damned great SomaFM radio lately — the Indie Pop Rocks show. Sure, the DJ occasionally goes on Modest Mouse or Wrens jags (it’s probably more accurate that she puts a bunch of her favorite albums on shuffle), but I’m not someone who has a problem with that.

Speaking of those Wrens: I’ve got a dilemma. They’re playing the Middle East downstairs Saturday night — probably my favorite venue and on the best of all possible nights of the week. I missed them last tine they were in town and have regretted it fiercely. Unfortunately, we’re also invited to spend the weekend with Tomoko and Kevin in Providence. That, too, would be fun — but it looks to be a pretty large crowd staying with them, and I’m not sure how ready I am for that. Plus, D. has a show at the Hyannis Main Street Fair Sunday afternoon, which puts a wrinkle in things, since figuring out public transport to and/or from Boston to the Cape to Providence is giving me a headache. Guess I just wasn’t made for these timetables.

We may have a solution if we can wangle an invite to Providence for the following weekend. A bunch of bands I like (Charlie Chesterman and the Legendary Motorbikes, Ida, the ‘mericans,  Sleepyhead) are playing a benefit for

As much as I hate driving and am committed to lessening the consumption of fossil fuels as much as possible, sometimes not having a car is a drag.

Apologies if this has gotten all memed up and the world is sick to death of it. Actually, it’s a lot funnier if you don’t read the captions. Just sayin’.


  1. From train train on 09/01/04

    Guess I just wasn’t made for these timetables.

    Ha! Oh, Amy.

  2. From Joe on 09/01/04

    If you go to the Wrens show, you can meet the writer of this online comic:

    For what that’s worth…

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