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Grump roast

Published on 19 August 2004

Note to self: remember to look out the window when the train rolls from Central to Harvard tonight, keeping the eyes peeled for the new animated advertisements on the tunnel wall. (This gentleman seems to have experience even more public transit resentment and bewilderment than even I have.) Not that I really need more ads […]

More finished objects

Published on 18 August 2004

I just realized that I totally forgot to post photos of the Felted Marsupial Totes I made for Janet and Sue:
This is Janet’s, knitted in Reynolds Lopi Bulky 100% Icelandic wool, Cadet Blue and Black.
And this is Sue’s, also in Lopi Bulky, in Apple and Black.

Elizabeth! I’m comin’ home, honey!

Published on 17 August 2004

This ad I saw a few minutes ago just scared me so badly, my pulse is still high. I am a wuss and a half. (Headphones recommended.)

Household minutiae

Published on 16 August 2004

I have a bunch of stuff to write about the weekend, but I’m not feeling quite up to it at the moment, so you’ll have to settle for trivial bletherings for the nonce.
One of the many ways D. is superior to any other guy I’ve been involved with is he’s mechanically inclined and not afraid […]

Bleh, meh, and feh

Published on 11 August 2004

I continue to marvel at the referrers to this wack-ass journal thingy: a recent Googler searched for “stuttering+jury duty” and decided to pop on by.
It’s been a fairly useless day. I spent some time looking at pro-ana/-mia sites — including one that sells solidarity jewelry for those with eating (and other emotional) disorders. Not the […]