It’s been a quiet month on the home front, as our second-floor neighbors (the Wildebeests) moved out while we were on vacation in July. I’m a bit concerned about who the next set of upstairs tenants will be — despite the name, the Wildebeests were considerate and fairly quiet. My only complaint was how they’d invite their friends to do laundry in our basement on weekends, making it impossible to get a load in between Friday and Sunday night.

There seems to be some activity in the driveway today — two guys I’ve never seen before, I guess in their 20s, unloading furniture from the back of a hatchback into a pickup truck. They could be friends of our third-floor neighbors and just using the driveway, but I’m a little nervous that this might be some sort of pre-move-in maneuver. Visions of upstairs keggers are scaring me.


  1. From Miles on 08/30/04

    We don’t regret moving into a house one little bit — neighbors in their own separated dwellings, what a concept! I think at some point in mid-2003, all the people in Nashville who could afford homes bought one, so now demand is soft and folks are willing to let. We can’t go down a residential street without seeing a couple of “For Rent” signs outside regular homes (not apartments or duplexes!) and that wasn’t the case any other time in the 16 years we’ve been here. It’s also made the rent on houses more affordable. I say all this knowing that “affordable” and “Boston-area rental market” don’t occur together naturally.

    Anyway, we’re still getting used to being able to come home to quiet after enduring the unpredictable hours of the World’s Most Powerful Speaker during the last 18 months at our old place, the constructors/owners of said speaker being two college-age single men with a fondness for rap/hip-hop. Of course, at those volumes, they could have had a playlist of Weather Report and Enya and the resulting din would have been almost as traumatic. It also didn’t help that they’d pack 10-20 people into their four-room townhouse at least twice a week.

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