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Right of way

Published on 29 September 2004

At the risk of sounding like some painfully feeble observational comic, I’ve noticed something lately that I’d like to get off of my chest.
Is an uptalked “Right?” the new “Y’know”? Or maybe the white girl’s “A’ight”? I first heard a chick I work with insert “Right?” at least three times into conversations in which she […]

Spam subject du jour

Published on 28 September 2004

“Earth is not round. It’s dirty!”
Best search string leading some soul to this page: “lyrics of i could smash potatoes”

Urban snob alert

Published on 27 September 2004

I knew it! Although it’s frightening to think that my health could be even worse than it is had I remained in the car culture that was Miami.
Man, I had such a great weekend, save for discovering that some little earwiggy thing (cue the Bats) had landed in my hair Saturday night. Luckily, I’d drunk […]


Published on 21 September 2004

Today I’m all antsy and out of sorts. I think it’s because I volunteered to help conduct usability tests of my employer’s Web site redesign at client offices tomorrow and Thursday. It will be interesting, but talking to clients always makes me jumpy. I think most of it is because I feel like such an […]

Fried fish

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On my way to the grocery store on Sunday (blessedly empty for the most part — the Red Sox were playing the Yankees), I walked past a sign that said “Seafood Tempura” leaning against someone’s front fence. It looked handmade but reasonably competently done, like something you’d see hanging over the Japanese food booth at […]