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I (sort of) heart my job

Published on 29 October 2004

The entire Cambridge office just received an email with the subject line, “ladies..check your ears! Earring found in Donna Summer!” (Our conference rooms are all named after musicians.)

I (heart) the Internets

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The Adventures of the Boy with Immovable Hair.
Addendum: Repeat after me.

Operation Guise

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The fella and I have been invited to a Halloween party in Salem Saturday night, and as usual, I’m flummoxed about what kind of costume to wear. The only thing I could think of was pinning white pipe cleaners, bent into numerals, to a black ensemble and going as fuzzy math. It would probably backfire […]

Oh yeah

Published on 28 October 2004

My most recent dorkorant is in this week’s Black List.

From Joe Mallon on 10/28/04

Sue wants to know how you can see other people’s iTunes. I think you should back off on Yes. Oh, and I’m sure your mom loves you & had a great time.

From editrix on 10/29/04

I’m not sure about the mechanics […]


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Back in business, sort of, after hanging out my mom while she was in town. It was a good visit overall, even though I felt like strangling her a few times. I swear, I should never have kids because I know they would turn out to be ungrateful little snots like me — Miss “I’m-so-looking-forward-to-seeing-my-mom-for-the-first-time-in-nearly-two-years […]