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George’s grey matter

Published on 29 November 2004

Unlike most entertainment, this game is actually enhanced by the laugh track.
Speaking of “Bush’s Brain,” we watched the Karl Rove documentary last weekend. After seeing the trailer, I’d had moderate hopes that the documentary would deliver some insights — or at the very least, reveal some good dirt. The film is muddled by its lack […]

Last night

Published on 23 November 2004

Kind of sucked, but one high point was discovering the author Stacey Richter. I loved “Christ Their Lord,” which evoked both the sterile, cheery, obliviousness of the Arizona town where my brother lives and the strange behavior of Miami residents during the holiday season. (I don’t remember any soft-sculpture snowmen in people’s yards, but it […]

Let this be a warning

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As someone who strives for an organized, clutter-free environment yet whose esse embraces entropy, I interpreted this story of one woman’s addiction to eBay as a cautionary tale and reminder that it’s OK to get rid of shipping boxes, bubble wrap, and other detritus, even if it might come in handy someday.

Cozy autumn dinner

Published on 19 November 2004

We decided to have Ted and Teresa over tonight after all, even though Kevin and Tomoko can’t make it. On the menu: pate and cheeses and olives; braised rosemary chicken for the meatatarians, with roasted garlic Yukon gold mashed potatoes; butternut squash and mushroom lasagna for D (the Professor was granted tenure and will be […]

Because I’m a geek

Published on 18 November 2004

And because I so love Mimi Smartypants and because I can’t bother with original ideas, I did this the other night, and D. documented it for all time, or at least until he deletes this page and renders the preceding link worse than useless — downright irritating!