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The year in semi-review

Published on 31 December 2004

Discoveries in 2004
I really like chard.
Washing your tights in one of those mesh bags really does keep them from looking like something scooped out of the gutter.
Baking cookies for the mail carrier will cause a drastic change in the degree of care taken when placing your letters and magazines in the mailbox.
I am capable of […]

How to help

Published on 27 December 2004

It’s hard to get one’s mind around the scope of devastation and death in Southeast Asia this past weekend, especially during this Western season of celebration and plenty. If you’d like to offer some small help, however, you can find up-to-date information about international aid organizations that are helping survivors of The South-East Asia Earthquake […]

The Spieler

Published on

Why did I even bother coming to work today? It’s totally dead post-Christmas, and the snowstorm that started Saturday night and is just ending now has kept away those who aren’t on vacation. Most of the sidewalks around MIT weren’t bad, but from our house to the T was pretty rough going, and there was […]

Fess up!

Published on 23 December 2004

Someone sent me a mysterious box, which arrived Tuesday. Inside (because hey, I didn’t order anything from Archie McPhee, and I was dying of curiosity) was an amazing wastebasket (in England they say “dustbin”) emblazoned with Ye Olde Jolly Roger. (There were also two bonus gifts: a packet of Japanese postcards and a packet of […]

Independent restaurants - 1, fast-food behemoth - 0

Published on 22 December 2004

Last night, I stopped into the local liquor store for some delicious wine, and I saw something that practically made me rub my eyes in amazement: the McDonald’s in the shopping center near my home is closing. Or, I should say, closed. Gone were the golden arches, and the windows were papered over with signs […]