Fess up!

Someone sent me a mysterious box, which arrived Tuesday. Inside (because hey, I didn’t order anything from Archie McPhee, and I was dying of curiosity) was an amazing wastebasket (in England they say “dustbin”) emblazoned with Ye Olde Jolly Roger. (There were also two bonus gifts: a packet of Japanese postcards and a packet of recipe cards from 1973.)

The bill of lading says only, “This is a gift” and “I believe this is doubly-apt, thematically.” I get the single-aptedness of it for sure, as my original surname is a homophone for buccaneer-type people. I’m scratching my head about the other aspect of aptness — my trashiness? My amazing aim and ability to make a basket with a balled-up piece of paper or tissue, even from several feet away? I’m afraid I’m still trying to figure this part out.

I asked a couple of people who seemed likely suspects, but they copped innocence. So if you, Dear Reader, were the very kind person who sent me a pirate wastebasket, thank you! And show your face! There may be a slice of Linzertorte in it for you if you come clean.


  1. From Schannah on 12/25/04

    Happy Non-Descript Politically Correct Day!

  2. From 2fs on 12/27/04

    Oh hell - do you mean I didn’t include any IDing info w/that thing? The other degrees of aptness: it’s a gift in gratitude for your gift to me of the Fiery Furnaces CD…which you “trashed” in that you didn’t want it; and that CD itself is rather pirate-y innit!

    Anyway: I hope you enjoy throwing things into it!

  3. From editrix on 12/27/04

    Mystery solved — thank you SO much! I lurve it!

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