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Neither holly nor jolly

Published on 21 December 2004

One of my closest friends emailed me this morning about waking up Sunday morning to find one of her cats, Elroy, unconscious. She and her boyfriend rushed him to Angell Memorial Hospital. He had gone into hypoglycemic shock and has been unconscious and having seizures for the past two days in the kitty ICU. The […]

Dear Dairy

Published on 16 December 2004

If you haven’t seen this reenactment of a third-grader’s diary, have a click. It’s so close to my diary from grade school, it’s frightening. (Although the Amy in question doesn’t try to get all topical and write things like, “Well, John Wayne lost his big battle with cancer today.”) The entry about her cat is […]

Why I hate marketing, part the umpteenth

Published on 15 December 2004

Yesterday I was in a meeting in which someone said, “When the rubber hits the road” and “We’ll have to drink our own Kool-Aid.”

Standing in the shadows of giants

Published on 14 December 2004

After four days of fun and seeing friends and going to shows and making good headway on Christmassy stuff, coming back to work and spending nearly all day in meetings has left me feeling rather bludgeoned.
At The Blind King show Sunday night, I started a photo project documenting all the tall guys who invariably stand […]

The phantom creeps

Published on

Twice in the past couple of days, the someone wanting to know “is productization a word” came to my site. Now I’m paranoid that it’s someone I work with, someone who’s lying in wait to dooce me but good.

From Flasshe on 12/15/04

Thanks for pointing me to the dooce site, Aim. Very interesting. I wound […]