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Published on 31 January 2005

Hi! How was your weekend? I spent approximately half of mine asleep, a quarter of it whining about this stupid cold, and a quarter fretting about the impending work week (and all the weeks that I have to go to work for ever and ever amen). The high point was D bringing home “Metallica: Some […]

Philip –

Published on 27 January 2005

Philip JohnsonI’d like to thank you for everythingPrimarily your glass box.


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WBUR morning anchor Bob Oakes, interviewing Governer Mitt Romney, turned the discussion to education spending with the bewildering metaphor: “When the gorilla enters the classroom, it might throw a monkey wrench into your plans.”
Although my all-time favorite Bob Oakes goof was, “We’re funded by you, our prisoners.” He couldn’t stop cracking up as he tried […]


Published on 26 January 2005

Time to rock the shuffle meme [via Cyn]:

Open up the music player on your computer. (I used my iPod, since it’s got more on it than my computer.)
Set it to play your entire music collection.
Hit the “shuffle” command.
List the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. […]

Neither wind nor snow nor subzero temperatures nor lack of breakfast . . . wait, maybe lack of breakfast

Published on 24 January 2005

I woke at 6:08 this morning and checked my company’s emergency call-in number, hoping against hope that they’d call it a snow day. No dice. After collapsing back into sporadic sleep I checked again: glory glory, a new message dated today. But when the monotone voice said that the offices would be open (open! Never […]