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I reek so mightily lately with regard to the whole updating thing. Mostly because the short time I spent seated at the computer during the long weekend was spent trying to make the photos I took at the Ida show look somewhat less suckful. And then I got tired and cranky and slinked off to read Augustin Burroughs’s first novel Sellevision (extraordinarily fluffy in an Armistead Maupin kind of fashion) and watch the snow falling.

But the weekend was more than hormonal crying jags in the shower and worrying about workproblems. We had a great sushi dinner with Teresa and Ted up in Arlington:

Then we ventured to the scary mall in Somerville, a place often written up in the police blotter for various meth busts, because Ted wanted to play laser tag or some such. (We ended up seeing a couple of his radio station friends in the parking lot, who were beating a hasty retreat after having been propositioned by a group of frightening 13-year-old girls.) So we hit Lanes and Games for some candlepin bowling, the first such attempt by my swain and me. It kind of sucks.

The show at the MFA was pretty great, despite my continuing foul mood. I saw a few people I pretty much only see at shows, reinforcing the threadbare connection between my early days in Boston and my life now. I wasn’t overly impressed with Jodi Buonnano’s set, despite my previous affinity for her contributions to The Secret Stars — it was a lot of lame loopiness, some crappy film, and a couple of decent pop songs tucked into a lot of feedback wankery. I warmed to Thalia Zedek’s songs after the first few, however — she was accompanied by a violinist and drummer and a fairly interesting filmic background, and some of the songs evoked the intensity and catharsis of Come (the first band I ever saw in Boston, during the January 1996 “blizzard of the century”) at Green Street Grill).

Ida were amazing, even though I wasn’t always entranced by the songs they chose to play — the ease and interplay among the band members reminded me of some of my favorite Yo La Tengo shows. We saw a stripped-down version of Ida at a John Kerry benefit in Providence late last summer, which was my first introduction to how smart and funny they are. But this show — rescheduled from the original date about a month ago, when we got a couple of feet of snow in a weekend — kind of made me fall in love with them.

They just put out this joyful creative energy that made me feel like part of their coterie, and the musicianship — god, the harmony alone — was completely mesmerizing. It also didn’t hurt that everyone donned paper hats crafted by Liz and Dan’s daughter.

The longish weekend also gave me some time to cook with the latest organic vegetable delivery — a cauliflower-leek casserole, salmon cakes with remoulade and shaved-carrot salad, ginger-glazed baby bok choy, and a gigantic pot of minestrone. So I’ve spared us from takeout for a few days, at least.


  1. From 2fs on 02/23/05

    I really should just JFGI* - but my idea of “candlepin bowling” is probably far more interesting anyway…which is that the pins are actually lighted candles, and if you knock them down in the right way, there’s some pattern of flammable stuff on the floor that lights up in a cool way and causes cool sparkly lights to shine on the water extinguishing the flames and the smoke.

    Yeah, right, and the bowling balls are actually tiny bombs too…

    *, for those of you who don’t know…

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