Hey, what you wish for? All I’m saying is, be careful.

This week I got the promotion I’ve been wanting for quite some time. New boss, more responsibility, and even a little surprise raise (woo). And — having only made a series of lateral moves to positions I wasn’t crazy about but took because, hey, people were getting laid off so there was more to do, and oh yeah, I had crazy rent to pay — I have to say it’s been kind of nice. I’m genuinely excited about my job again. People keep congratulating me. My new boss not only wants to take me out to a nice lunch, but asked which of the fancier places around here I favored. However, as with most positive changes in one’s life, there’s a tradeoff, and this time around it comprises working longer hours each successive day. Today was a 12 hourer (and all of my friends are saying, oh, boohoo, it’s not like you’re sleeping under your desk), but I don’t think I can sustain this pattern indefinitely. I’m old and need my sleep, not to mention time with the bf and cat. Today I had lunch only by dint of a colleague who had a spare catered sandwich from a meeting — she wandered into my pod at 2:00 to see if anyone wanted it. I finally remembered to order the anniversary present I wanted to get for D, but I’ll pay for my absent-mindedness: it would take serious burnt offerings on the UPS altar to get it here by Sunday. Commuting home long after rush hour guarantee a seat on the train, but I’ve found you have to give up any expectation of white-noise — my reading was interrupted by the loud debate between a college kid and a wino (most of it was just semi-incomprehensible yelling [something about “411! 911!”] mixed in with the racket the subway car makes), but I did get a taste of their discourse when the train pulled into my station: Joe Deanslist got off the train and called out “Enjoy your night in jail!”; the drunk bellowed, “You know I will, cocksucker! Adios! Hasta la vista!”). Tonight I got home an hour after D had left for rehearsal, and my dinner was croutons and Cabernet. Clearly, something has to change, and that something had better include  shuteye and fresh vegetables.

Tomorrow will probably also kind of do bad things to my blood pressure, as I have to give a morning presentation to my boss’s boss’s boss (someone who needs hard-copy visual aids like Courtney needs airbrushing) and the color printer at work doesn’t seem to like me these days, so a trip to Kinko’s before work will be in order. I should also probably catch up on emails and requests for content before a vigilante group forms and their ill will begets violence. And I must must must remember to make reservations for a nice anniversary dinner, or at least be sure the restaurant is open Sunday night.

A paragraph of purely positive: currently enjoying Tom Perotta’s Little Children in a blissfully escapist sense, and I also really loved a few stories in Steve Almond’s first book, My Life in Heavy Metal. Even better is knowing I have six more books plus the new McSweeney’s (full of Icelandic fiction) waiting in the wings.


  1. From Flasshe on 02/14/05

    Finally doing some catch-up on blog reading…

    Congrats on the promotion, Amy! I hope that things settle down and you’re not working 12 hours every day. No matter what the young people say, we’re not meant to work that long. I know that I make mistakes after 7 hours or so, and at 10 or more I’m pretty unreliable. And it’s hard for my eyes to focus properly on the computer. I’m on call this week, so I’m essentially 24/7, but at least the “after hours” at-home work is usually in dribs & drabs and I can recuperate in between crises. Anyway, make sure you find some way to get through it and not stress yourself out.

  2. From editrix on 02/17/05

    Thanks, doods! There’s still a lot to juggle (and much as I’ve wanted to, I haven’t found time to participate in any poetry challenges), but at least I’m getting to use my brain more. Brain, don’t fail me now!

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