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Cloying, ahoy!

Published on 31 March 2005

Oh my freaking god, have you ever seen anything so cute? I mean, so cute you almost have to hit yourself in the skull with a hammer? I didn’t think so.
[Via Mimi and Cyn, because I am a plagiaristic skank like that.]
Theo had better shape up and stop stealing people’s office chairs and meowing in […]

Well I’ll be dipped

Published on 30 March 2005

I just this morning found out that my dear friends Teresa (she’s the cutie at the Abbey) and Ted (sorry, Cap’n, I’ll try to take a photo of you soon) are engaged — have been since last Saturday, as it happens. Even though I spent Saturday night and Sunday evening with them, I had no […]

Ode to Olympia (and Portland)

Published on 29 March 2005

How much do I love Kill Rock Stars and Hush Records? An awful lot, as it just so happens. First of all, they send such nice confirmation emails. Hush’s went like this:

Hi Amy,
Thanks so much for your order, it
will soon be in your hands.
Hope you are having good days.

Kinks tribute night, the Abbey Lounge

Published on 27 March 2005

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The bassist

The Hyphens

Cheesecake photography

Published on 26 March 2005

What up, y’all? It’s nearly 2:00 in the P of M and I’m still pajamafied, waiting for the final step in making a mascarpone cheesecake for tomorrow’s Easter dinner at Teresa’s. Because what better way to commemorate the resurrection of Our Lord than with dairy desserts, I ask you?
(Yes, that was me cracking up last […]