I must make this quick, because just down the street, there’s a gimlet with my name on it

Rabbit rabbit, y’all! And good gracious, but it’s been a busy time. So much so that my tendencies to create to-do lists has fallen by the wayside, and that’s not right.

But it’s been good, too, as I begin my semi-annual self-improvement smackdown and try to control at least some aspects of my life. (New shoes that aren’t salt-ruined with cracked soles? Check — Danskos, even, and half-off. Ow ow stingy-sting Lip Venom? Check. A tiny bit of new bling for the nose and ears? Check, check. Grape Nuts for breakfast? Half-check. Hanging out with friends? Check plus.)

And D. suggested we take a long-weekend getaway in early April for our date-iversary, and I get to pick where. (Provincetown? Vermont? Montreal? Toronto? I’m having trouble deciding.)

p.s. The new Andrew Bird record is sublime.


  1. From 2fs on 03/02/05

    NOTICE: The Committee for the Prevention of Annoying Slang has assessed you one (1) warning demerit in re your usage, above, of the word “bling.” “Bling” is a Class 3 Restricted Word, meaning that it may only be used in conjunction with clear and apparent irony. Future incidents of Class 3 violations may result in severe penalties, up to and including home visits from Carrot Top who will force you to look at him up close.

    The warning demerit will be expunged from your record upon the Committee’s recommendation, contingent upon any future usage of exceedingly clever language. The President of the Committee would like to take this opportunity to note that, personally, he believes that your site is considered to have a high probability of Advanced Clever Word-Wrangling. Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. From editrix on 03/03/05

    Esteemed president and members of the Committee: please take into the record that a local pizza/sub shop has been distributing menus that say, “Sandwiches with bling!”, which members of this household as well as friends who also receive said menus find comical to say the least. While it does not obviate my crime, I hope that my cracking up at the idea of “nose bling” somewhat mitigates its severity, and as a result, encourages leniency during the sentencing phase.

  3. From Ezra on 03/03/05

    Hey– I’m glad my Andrew Bird evangelizing is having its effect. Of course, maybe I can’t take credit; perhaps you were going to get it and love it anyway.

    I thought it was “Pies with Bling”, because the shop is “Pizza Ring”, so it’s got flow, you know? Yo.

    I also accept the use of “bling”. “Bling” lost any value as actual slang as soon as it was used in that eBay commercial. Therefore, all subsequent use is instantly either ironic or quotidian.

  4. From editrix on 03/03/05

    Oh, of course you’re right, Ezra — pies! I thought that sounded odd this morning. Speaking of food menus, I have a New Asia one with your and Terri’s names on it.

    Your A. Bird fandom certainly doesn’t lessen my enthusiasm, but I have to say that seeing him open for those Fields of Magnetude pretty much ensured I’d buy anything he releases. I may be listening to The Mysterious Production of Eggs too much, however — a muscle near my left eye has been ticcing (nervously?) all week.

    Welcome back!

  5. From 2fs on 03/03/05

    Yeah, yeah, alright already. But I would’ve liked “nose bling” better in that form. Now let me return to my Cavern of Grumpitude. Hmmm…I feel a Superhero Thematization coming on…It’s…Curmudgeontor and his sidekick, Boy Cranky! Eh, maybe not.

  6. From Mam`selle Poupet on 03/08/05

    A belated vote for Montreal! It is so lovely and hushed and crepe-filled.

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