Lack of gruntlement, corporate style

Look! Posting!

This week a coworker tipped me off to a slightly unsettling graffito in one of the chick restrooms. It’s faded now, as if someone did their best to scrub it off, but you can still see the words “DIE PIG” in blue marker.

Unlike the Nursing Room Incident, which named names, yo (even if it turned out that the supposedly guilty parties did NOT get fired, and in fact, one of them was just promoted), no one seems to know who the pig is and why he or she should die. Poor pig.

I’ve been working late most nights this week, and it’s been oh-so-tempting to snap a picture before the handwriting on the wall is completely removed. But Im paranoid that I’d get caught, camera in hand especially since the women’s locker room is adjacent to this particular restroom and it’d make me look like the perp.

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