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Published on 29 April 2005

Dreams last night (be quiet, it’s my website):

Taking communion and worrying that I’d be yelled at because I already had a mouthful of crackers.
Missing a Macromedia conference (around which D and I had planned a vacation) because we got off at the wrong subway stop on the way to the airport and the airline sold […]

Oh, what a beautiful mourning

Published on 25 April 2005

While I wouldn’t call my parents morbid individuals, they seem to enjoy reminding me regularly about their mortality — and have since I was a kid. Back then, they wanted my brother and me to know they had modified their will such that should both of them be killed, our Aunt Diann and Uncle Jerry […]


Published on 22 April 2005

Lately I’ve been getting way too much pleasure out of the daily email reminders from the oh-so-helpful Journalspace bot telling me, “Good heavens! Your Journalspace pro access is about to run out! Hurry up and re-up! You wouldn’t want to miss out on knowing who in the Journalspace community has put you on their I […]

A manatee is not a tool

Published on 20 April 2005

Manatees are not used for a tool
But they are still cool!


Published on 19 April 2005

This is why the Internets are good: they prepare you for the imminent arrival of your magazines. Yesterday I browsed Gastronome and saw that the newest Cooking Light had some sort of malted chocolate pudding recipe. (Then I went and used Jenblossom’s tuna-yummy chopped salad recipe for my own nefarious purposes, heh heh.) Yesterday evening, […]