Lately I’ve been getting way too much pleasure out of the daily email reminders from the oh-so-helpful Journalspace bot telling me, “Good heavens! Your Journalspace pro access is about to run out! Hurry up and re-up! You wouldn’t want to miss out on knowing who in the Journalspace community has put you on their I Wuv Oo list, now would you? Hurry!” And every day, I’m like, “Suck it, bitches! You’re not getting one more red cent (or thin dime!) from me, no matter how many coupons promising a two-day extension on my pro account you fling at me! Haw!”

Lately I’m eating better food for breakfast, although this morning (running even later than usual, thank you ever so much, REM sleep, for going for the gold while my alarm went off for nearly an hour) I desperately craved a bagel over the generic Nutty Nuggets that would turn to sludge in the bowl before I could finish them. I haven’t noticed any appreciable differences in my energy level or overall vitality, but it’s still early yet, I guess. Plus, I’m probably canceling it out at the other end of the day with wine and dinnertime tacos (dinnertime being around 9:30, because there’s no way in Helena, Montana, that I’d be in the kitchen while “America’s Next Top Model” was on).

Lately I’ve been avoiding doing the following: Making a checkup doctor’s appointment, making a shrink appointment, making a haircut appointment, making a checkup/rabies shot appointment for my cat, making an optometrist appointment, deciding what to get my mom for her birthday tomorrow, forgetting to bring the address of her workplace with me during the day when I realize that I should just send flowers, forgetting to order flowers in the evening, putting the slipcover back on the sofa, buying Ziploc bags and cat food (D finally did the latter), returning emails, ordering yarn for the bag I’ve promised to knit for Tomoko, coming up with two strengths/two blind spots/two things that bug me in others for the Meyers-Briggs discussion I’m to have with my boss and colleague this afternoon, potting the rosemary and sowing the catnip I bought two weeks ago, calling my brother, mailing the birthday gifts for my niece (whose birthday was earlier this month), using up the zucchini we keep getting from Boston Organics in time before it rots, buying plane tickets and reserving a rental car for our Midwestern junket in July, stopping by Magpie to show support to the folks who own it, checking out Spark Craft Studio to see what their yarn selection is like, cleaning the grill, eating the fruit I bring to work, and uploading more photos to Flickr. I’m sure there are more.

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