This is why the Internets are good: they prepare you for the imminent arrival of your magazines. Yesterday I browsed Gastronome and saw that the newest Cooking Light had some sort of malted chocolate pudding recipe. (Then I went and used Jenblossom’s tuna-yummy chopped salad recipe for my own nefarious purposes, heh heh.) Yesterday evening, I came home to find the latest Cooking Light waiting on my porch, all swaddled in affiliate marketing wrappers. Then. Today. Mimi Smartypants talked about the new Readymade, and ho and below! (as an elderly German friend of my ex-husband’s elderly German family used to exclaim): that-there Readymade was waiting there for me.

However, my crazy not-meaningful-but-sort-of-unsettling eye contact with the scruffly guy wearing the Found T-shirt on the subway car that was too full for me to board did not presage a new Found (or even Dirty Found) on my doorstep. Alack.

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    I had wanted to share this with someone, and now that you have spoken about magazines, this seems like an appropriate venue. I subscribe to a lot of health-related magazines at my job, and yesterday I came into work greeted by no less than 3 mags, one great catalog, 2 review copies of books, and 2 review copies of good CDs. It felt like the bounty of the universe was flowing into my very cubicle.

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