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Still alive

Published on 19 April 2005

And still writing short babbly drafts that I keep not posting — they never seem as interesting when I go to look at them again.
This will be quick — everyone in my office left early, and who am I to be a nonconformist?
Just bought the new Okkervil River disc after enjoying the mp3s posted on […]

It’s 10:00 . . . do you know where your evening went?

Published on 14 April 2005

So far tonight (tonight beginning at 7:20, when I got home), I’ve:

Done two loads of laundry, courtesy of the extra quarters I managed to rack up today.
Sipped a glass of wine.
Watched “The Simpsons.”
Pawed under the bathroom sink, through 4 bedside drawers, and in my jewelry box for a ponytail holder because my hair is […]

Bleh, meh, and feh

Published on 12 April 2005

I suppose I’d better post something before I forget how, but unless you want a blow-by-blow of how I spent the weekend (hint: reading Television Without Pity’s commentary on “America’s Next Top Model” while D moved sites off his ailing server took up a healthy chunk), not a lot has been going on. Granted, I’ve […]

For those about to comment, we salute you

Published on 7 April 2005

Some weirdness is going on with comments in that I’ve either stopped getting pinged when they’re submitted, or they’re just going live, pingless (unpung?). So feel free to bug me personally if you don’t see yours going up in a timely manner.
Also, please take a moment and send some happy-server thoughts D’s way. He’s been […]

Civilization and its mall contents

Published on 5 April 2005

I had offered to look for some Linux books for D, who spent his weekend yelling at his computer, but the TGITargetDepotMaxNavyRUs mall in Everett where Teresa and I bought baby gifts Saturday had everything but a bookstore. At Office Max, Teresa took action and asked a passing employee if they sold computer books. “Like […]