I win!

If the contest is world’s biggest spaz, that is. See, I:

  1. Left my wallet on the dining room table this morning, which I didn’t realize until I was in line to buy a bagel for breakfast.
  2. Rummaged through my desk drawer and found a dessicated miso-tofu soup cup of indeterminate age. Decided to have that for lunch, until I peeled away the lid to see that a family of moths had taken up residence.
  3. Rummaged some more and found a can of soup. Took soup to kitchen, only to find that hello! No bowls or Tupperware to be found.
  4. Pulled off lid of soup can in such a way that it sprayed all over me.
  5. Poured soup in two paper cups for microwaving.
  6. Burnt tongue on first spoonful.

I really ought to go home, where I’ll be less of a danger to myself and others.

2 Responses to “I win!”

  1. 2fs says:

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    Uh-oh…no posts since this one? I’m worried that, on the way out of work, you walked into an empty elevator shaft, or slipped on a banana peel in front of a bus, or got the sleeve of your coat caught in a passing taxicab or something. Have you considered dressing entirely in bubblewrap?

  2. Ezra says:

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    Unsolicited categorization remark: shouldn’t you put this in Listy McListerson, too? (I don’t obsess about other peoples’ blog categorizations normally, but that’s how much I love your Listy McListerson category).

  3. Editrix says:

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    Right you are! Thanks for the Catchy McCatcherwood.

    On another note entirely, it appears that my attempt to install a comment whitelist did not succeed. Bummer.

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