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The sin of pride

Published on 23 May 2005

Lately I’ve been seeing some search strings leading here that make me plumb-near giddy:
tyra banks scream contestant
skank ho poured beer on my weave
america’s top model impetigo
janice dickinson bisexual
This right here, this is why I do this. For the models.
In the inexplicable department: two of the most popular searches lately have been “hauser doogie” and “doogie […]

The sin of sloth

Published on

Oh. Hello there. What’s new?
So you know how I said I was going to spend the dreary weekend writing? Funny thing about that. I ended up spending most of it cooking, baking, reading, and playing Kingdom of Loathing. Oops. Can I fall back on the excuse that last week was incredibly draining? Didn’t think so.


Published on 19 May 2005

These past few days, I’ve felt such an achy need to write and write about all the weird stuff jamming up my head, but I’ve either been unable to access a computer or too damn flayed when I do have access to form a complete sentence, leaving me with nothing but a few down-slanting notes […]

Gummy Joe

Published on 18 May 2005

Theo’s surgery seemed to go well, although the the vet had to extract an additional canine and two premolars. He was groggy and a bit of a stumblebum yesterday evening, but he exhibited none of the grumpiness the vet’s assistant warned us about — if anything, he was more affectionate and cuddly than usual. He […]

Dork alert!

Published on 17 May 2005

A couple of random Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy notes:

The costume designer did Zooey Deshchanel zero favors by putting her in that pale blue terrycloth jumpsuit jobbie. When she walked away from the camera in one shot, she looked decidedly pear-shaped. I also wish her Trillian had been written a little more genius-y.
Overall, I liked […]