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Alice, Be Talkless!

Published on 30 June 2005

For some reason, I just placed a (somewhat high) bid on a VHS copy of The Adventures of Picasso, which I sort of remember as being surreal and hilarious when I saw it as a college student. I’m pretty sure it’s actually really quite bad, and that my recollection is skewed because I was (somewhat […]

Duck duck monkey!

Published on 25 June 2005

Despite the volume of their howl, it’s disorienting to try to find a troop of loud howler monkeys in the wild. They hang out in the treetops where younger, greener leaves are abundant. However, if you do find yourself in the rainforest and it seems that an unusually large amount of fruit is falling from […]

Hell yes!

Published on 23 June 2005

Last night my gentleman friend came home with prezzies from the signing: a signed copy of Steve Almond’s new collection of stories, and the shmancy chocolate bar D got from the author for asking a question after the reading.

Today? Has been completely PHENOMENAL!

Published on 22 June 2005

Lessee . . . running late (as usual) this cloudy morning, I realized when I got to the T station that I’d forgotten my keys and T pass. Ordinarily, I’d have bought tokens for today, but since D has rehearsal and won’t be home until late tonight, I had to turn back home for my […]

Stuff + cats = awesome

Published on 21 June 2005

Hello my friends. I apologize for the sorry state of this site lately. Trust me when I say that you really wouldn’t be interested in anything I had to write about lately.
Stuff on My Cat, however, was too good to ignore.
This is as close as Theo gets to qualifying: