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Steel mills, cats, and people sitting around talking

Published on 30 July 2005

I finally uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip to the Midwest on Flickr. Going through them all, I can’t help but wish I’d taken more of my parents (even though my father didn’t really want me to take any of him), of my six-year-old second cousin Lucy, of daylight scenes, and of Milwaukee […]

It’s a wonder I ever cross the Charles

Published on 28 July 2005

Bad day on the Red Line — and not just because of this morning’s mysterious delay. South Station was evacuated this afternoon after someone noticed a ticking sound coming from a bag.
What’s more, tonight, after the Tracy Bonham and Aimee Mann outdoor show in Copley Square and a yummy dinner with Terri, Ezra, and their […]

Where’s the fire?

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This morning, I made the fatal mistake of not running to board the train that was waiting at the platform when I got to the bottom of the vertiginous escalator, deciding not to work up a sweat and instead get the next one a couple of minutes later. Bad idea. When it arrived 5 minutes […]

For Paula and Rose

Published on 22 July 2005

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The Fallacious Index

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Photos taken: 415
Good photos taken: A dozen
Cups of truly wretched Folger’s coffee: 9
Cups of nearly wretched Wolfgang Puck coffee: 3
Number of sublime Stone Creek iced coffees: 2
Museum exhibitions: 1 (”The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe and America, 1880-1920: Design for the Modern World”)
Cardamom martinis consumed: 2
Number of rocks I inspected with my second cousin […]