Steel mills, cats, and people sitting around talking

I finally uploaded a bunch of photos from our trip to the Midwest on Flickr. Going through them all, I can’t help but wish I’d taken more of my parents (even though my father didn’t really want me to take any of him), of my six-year-old second cousin Lucy, of daylight scenes, and of Milwaukee in general.

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  1. 2fs says:

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    Cool! Thanks.

  2. Janet says:

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    Yay! Thank you, Amy - I really enjoyed looking at these. And I also enjoyed that you have an album called “Tall People at Shows”. And that there are only 4 photos in it, for your sake. It’s a close call as to which is the more photogenic group: my kids, or Oranj & Lumen. Best just to enjoy both. And to skip the living room pix which picture me. Could I have arranged myself in less ladylike poses if I’d tried?

  3. Editrix says:

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    Darlin’, to me you’re as sultry as they get, and I only wish I had a more comprehensive gallery of your lovely tattoos. And . . . I have to say, going through the photos of Janelle and Benjamin made me a little teary-eyed, wishing there was someone around to pull me into a dark room to look at his spinny light toy or to read her a story about a wannabe pigeon busdriver.

  4. 2fs says:

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    “Could I have arranged myself in less ladylike poses if I’d tried?” Well, yes, probably - not that we’re asking you to try.

  5. Flasshe says:

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    I prefer the “trucker poses” myself.

  6. Paula says:

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    Hey, I just found this now, more pictures! Nice work! Andy I-D looks great with short hair.

  7. Editrix says:

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    Thanks, Ms. Carino!

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