The Fallacious Index

Photos taken: 415

Good photos taken: A dozen

Cups of truly wretched Folger’s coffee: 9

Cups of nearly wretched Wolfgang Puck coffee: 3

Number of sublime Stone Creek iced coffees: 2

Museum exhibitions: 1 (”The Arts & Crafts Movement in Europe and America, 1880-1920: Design for the Modern World”)

Cardamom martinis consumed: 2

Number of rocks I inspected with my second cousin Lucy: 47

Number of times I heard my dad call D. by my ex-husband’s name: 2

Number of years I’ve been divorced: 9

Home email messages, including spam: 326

Work email messages: 368

Number of Lifehacks I’m behind on since leaving town: 110

Number of dollars cheaper a Milwaukee-bought bottle of Toasted Head Chardonnay is compared with the cost in Boston: 4

Number of mentions of Samuel (”Fucking”) Gompers: 3

Number of times my Uncle Jerry referred to inanimate objects as “hims” or “hers”: too many to count

Number of times he mentioned “the coloreds”: 3

Seconds it took me to run around Rose and Jeff’s house: 19

Seconds it took Benjamin: 17

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  1. 2fs says:

    Visit 2fs

    Speaking of Famous, Sometimes-Accursed Dead People: check it out, in the third paragraph of this article, it’s WJFB (or FWJB, or WFJB).

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