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“At 09:15 on September 30 2004, squids as we know them changed forever.”

Published on 29 September 2005

Omigosh omigosh omigosh! Could any better news have awaited my return home? has a colorful account of the first-ever filming of a live giant squid, including some crazy backstory:
In 2003, New Zealand marine biologists laid a sex trap.
They ground up some squid gonads, believing that the scent would drive male giant squids wild as […]

It’s a hell of a town

Published on 26 September 2005

In less than an hour, I have to leave for my Big Business Trip to New York, the one I’ve been dreading to the point of nausea. Apologies to those who love the city, but I honestly don’t — all my experiences there have been bad, or at best sorta-OK but ultimately headache-inducing and exhausting. […]

Random House

Published on 24 September 2005

I’ve updated my comments whitelist for a few of you newer commenters. It only works is you provide an email address and a URL that I’ve whitelisted, however. Upshot? Feel free to comment without providing a URL — just know that your comment will be placed in the moderation queue and may take awhile to […]

Dear insanely cool boyfriend with almost unimpeachable musical taste

Published on 22 September 2005

I know that for the last couple of years, I’ve kind of glazed over whenever you mentioned how much you like Engine Down. Today, however, my iPod served them up at random, and I actually kind of really like the band. At least the song I heard. Which I don’t remember the name of.
I’m lucky […]

What can orange do for you?

Published on 19 September 2005

Somebody contacted Doug to see if the dormant and scattered Feckless Beast wanted to play a gig. Which would be pretty cool, if it were possible. Especially if they were to let me create the setlist like they did at that Artomatic show with Slow Jets. Man, that ruled.
Don’t get me wrong: I like […]