What can orange do for you?

Somebody contacted Doug to see if the dormant and scattered Feckless Beast wanted to play a gig. Which would be pretty cool, if it were possible. Especially if they were to let me create the setlist like they did at that Artomatic show with Slow Jets. Man, that ruled.

Don’t get me wrong: I like his current band, but they’re a lot different than Feckless or King Kilowatt was. More retro, I guess. My boss really likes them, let’s just say that.

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  1. debbie says:

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    isn’t that hilarious? and that school is just down the road from us! i’d love to know how they chose the beast for their school thing. all dave keeps talking about is the fact that they consider their music “grunge.” heh.

  2. bernd says:

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    I feel honored, that today’s children are looking up to their elders for lessons in How Grunge Changed the World. Feckless Beast slumbers yet, but hie! It stirs in it’s lair, and is certain to emerge again one day, feeding on the Angst, Guilt, Fear, and Betrayal of a new generation of club kids…

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