It’s a hell of a town

In less than an hour, I have to leave for my Big Business Trip to New York, the one I’ve been dreading to the point of nausea. Apologies to those who love the city, but I honestly don’t — all my experiences there have been bad, or at best sorta-OK but ultimately headache-inducing and exhausting. It’s just too much for my wee provincial brain to make sense of. And the trip will be stressful, taxing, and spent mostly in my Times Square hotel. I did print out a map in case I can get out this afternoon and check out the Gotham Book Mart. (Thanks for the tip, Ezra.)

At least my sweetie has already set up the VCR to tape “America’s Next Top Model” Wednesday night, so I have that to look forward to.

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  1. Terri says:

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    New York can be overwhelming, but if you plan out your trip there’s loads to soak up while you’re there. Honestly, the Gotham Book Mart is worth a visit. It’s so quiet in there… I’d say you forget where you are, but you don’t. Something about the place screams New York.

    And I always love going to the Museum of Modern Art. It’s one of my favorite places.

    But anyway, maybe someday I WILL be free when you take a NY trip.

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