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Happy TLAP Day, me hearties

Published on 19 September 2005

Fer me, every day be Talk Like a Pyritz Day, but as today be special, feast yer eyes on this:

Yo ho ho and a fallacy that be pathetic.
An’ because I have naught to entertain ye with but the blackest bilge from the poxiest decks of this-here vessel: have some scurvy leftovers.

A large order of not much with a side of precious little

Published on 18 September 2005

My goodness, I have done nothing all weekend, nada, zip, zilcho. Except I cooked a real-live dinner last night. And walked with Doug to Harvard Square this afternoon to eat a hamburger and buy some gifts for my Secret Pal. And watched a movie so awful, to repeat its name might curse my bloodline for […]

If today were a “Young Ones” episode . . .

Published on 16 September 2005

. . . it’d have to be “Sick.” (Though thankfully, there’s a lot less mucus involved.) I went to work for a few hours but skulked home at noon — I’d planned on taking half of a vacation day anyway to grocery-shop and do some chore-type stuff I’ve been avoiding, with the ultimate plan of […]

Moving target

Published on 15 September 2005

Hey y’all: I’m taking part in Operation Guestpost over at Pesky’Apostrophe today.

It’s the silly things

Published on 13 September 2005

That make me smile — the happenstance that causes They Might Be Giants’ “Hovering Sombrero” play while I’m noodling around online, and while my KoL familiar happens to be Mr. Floaty, the 23-pound Hovering Sombrero.
God, I get ever more geekish with every respiration.
Ted Leo, X, XTC, Tom Waits, X-ray Spex, Andrew Bird, Sleater-Kinney, Interpol, Wilco, […]